Community Services

The Pathway Teams are as follows:

Community Interventions Pathway: This pathway provides assessment and evidence based time limited interventions for people who have complex mental health difficulties that are significantly impacting on daily life. This would include mood disorders, anxiety disorders, trauma related conditions, and other severe emotional difficulties.

Psychosis Team: This is when you perceive or interpret reality in a very different way from people around you. This might include having experiences of hearing or seeing things that others don’t seem to, for example, experiencing tastes, smells and sensations that have no apparent cause or holding beliefs that no one else seems to share. You hold onto these beliefs even though logic and evidence may suggest other explanations. These thoughts and experiences can sometimes be very frightening and you may feel as though people want to cause you harm or can control you. This can make it very difficult to think clearly and your thoughts and speech may become jumbled. We can help you with these experiences.

Intensive Life Skills Team: This pathway works with people who have complex mental health difficulties that are impacting on their ability to; regulate their emotions, maintain relationships both within their own life but also with professionals and are often at high risk of harm to themselves. As a consequence life can feel chaotic and unpredictable for the person and those around them. This pathway offers a structured approach to support the person to engage and learn to work with the distressing thoughts and feelings to achieve their goals.

Memory Service and Dementia Team: This pathway provides an assessment of people who are experiencing memory problems who may have a Dementia and also a service to those who have a diagnosis of Dementia who require a routine review. The pathway also provides interventions to those diagnosed and/or their families /carers with specialised, intensive input from the team to help to remain in their home environment.


The four Community Hubs are as follows:


South Staffordshire


St. Michael's Court
Trent Valley Road
WS13 6EF

tel: 0300 303 3427


Park House
12 Park Road
WS11 1JN

tel: 0300 303 3428


Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin


Fuller House
Hall Court
Hall Park Way

tel: 0300 303 1601


Severn Fields Health Village
Sundorne Road

tel: 0300 303 3426